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Competition Details

Games are played at Lake Roto Kohatu
There is a Spring league played during Oct-Nov/Dec, and a Summer league, played during Feb-Mar.

Canoe Polo?

Check this out! Just watch the first part. Don't worry, we're not that intense.

It's a ball game played five aside. Players are to shoot a soccer sized ball into a net suspended a few metres above the pool, guarded by a paddle bearing goalie.

The Internation Canoe Federation rules are here.

Is it for me?

Canoe Polo is a great way to practise your kayak skills – how better to improve your rolling than with the encouragement of an opponent pushing you over?! (Although, if you can’t roll the opponents do show mercy or you could come along to one of our rolling sessions to learn). 
If you've never played or never kayaked, it's probably time to start.  


If you’re keen to enter a team or individually email the polo officer ASAP and come along to Lake Roto Kohatu (near the airport) on Wednesday night.

Teams are of 5+. We'll put you in a team according to your experience but you do need a team name! i.e my team will be called "Wet Dreams". Email suggestions to the polo officer. 


You must be a member of UCCC. Student membership is $20.

Gear hire is $2 per week.

Team entry fee is $50 for 5 weeks or $80 for 10 weeks. Split 5 ways this is $10 or $16.

You must also be affiliated to MCPA, $5, and NZCPA, $25. These affiliations last for the calendar year (i.e. if you played in term 1, you don't need to pay this).

Total cost per UCCC member who didn't play in Term 1 is then about $53.67. 

If you did play in Term 1, it'll be ~$23.67.

These costs will be confirmed when the length of the tournament is decided.