UCCC 2016

Welcome to all our new members for 2016. Check out our trips page to see what's coming up.

To join, just fill in this form here: New Members Form. We'll be in touch. Anyone (student or non-student) is welcome to join.

Don't be afraid to hassle someone on the committee and say you wanna go kayaking, regardless of ability! If you want more details on the club in the interim, contact Mark Houwers (Captain)

Check out a video of one of our trips: 

Hollyford Hoedown from Tim Grunshaw on Vimeo.




The UCCC has a long history at the University of Canterbury and is known for its high activity rate. Our goal is to nurture and develop any interest in Canoeing, River Kayaking, Sea Kayaking, Multi-Sport Kayaking, Canoe Polo and any other forms of Canoeing and Kayaking. We offer beginners courses, intermediate courses, water specific safety training and most importantly a way to get in contact with other like-minded and skilled people.

Who we are

The UCCC is a non-profit organisation that is organised by students who volunteer their time for organising the club, running trips, social events and training programs.


The UCCC has an emphasis on safe water practice and educating people how to mitigate the effects of their recreational practices on the unique and amazing environment we have in New Zealand. These are two areas where the UCCC definitely practices what it preaches.

2016 Deals for UCCC members!

It's the time of year when you paddlers need to sort through your gear and update your kit, so Sam Milne from Canterbury Kayaking is offering. At the moment, discounts are 10% off gear, boats not included. 

The container of liquidlogic boats has just arrived into NZ and he has a full range on demo remixes and stompers for people to try. Most of his other suppliers have also just received their summer shipments including Sweet, Palm, Astral, Shred Ready, Kokatat (another month away on Kokatat).

For sales contact Sam personally, or canterburykayaking@gmail.com

Or you can visit the online shop and use the coupon code "UCCC" to receive the discount: http://canterburykayaking.co.nz/